Number of people using Facebook reaches 2 billion

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post that the social network has hit 2 billion monthly users, and has renewed his call to bring the world closer. "And then for example in the case of something like suicide or bullying, going and working with subject matter experts, getting the research on what's the best possible thing that we can do, and then talking to the world about it".

Zuckerberg thinks part of the answer lies in facilitating deeper ties between users on Facebook, who may not have started out as part of the same families or friend groups. The social network has now broken 2 billion monthly active users (MAU), making it the first ever to reach this mark. We're all on Facebook.

He said in a Facebook post that he is proud of the role his company is playing in connecting people around the world.

Yet perhaps stewarding a 2 billion person community is responsibility enough to get out of Silicon Valley and figure out how Facebook impacts people's lives.

Your custom video and some stats tied to your profile will be available on this page, which is where Facebook also plans to share "stories of people who inspire us".

Facebook considers "meaningful" to be when a user spends at least 30 minutes a week in a group and it set out a new goal to attract one billion people into these groups. Facebook keeps adding new functions to Messenger in an attempt to become the "everything app" for countries outside of China the same way WeChat is for 1 billion users in that country. The news underscores how Facebook's ever-growing community makes it more valuable as an ad platform.

Facebook Product Director Mike Nowak and Product Manager Guillermo Spiller sent out a release today on the subject.

Zuckerberg's message was echoed by Naomi Gleit, a vice president at the internet giant, who credited the millions of small communities emerging within Facebook for helping drive growth.

Facebook Inc shares were trading at $151.80 per share on Tuesday afternoon, down $1.79 (-1.17%). When groups grow to a certain size, they begin to attract attention.

  • Essie Rivera