CNN's Jim Acosta Again Chides White House for Banning Cameras From Briefings

Spicer's stay in the Capitol Building, however, made him late to a scheduled press briefing that was supposed to take place at the White House.

For example as we told you earlier, Acosta was forced to delete a tweet earlier this month after he claimed President Trump did not visit Congressman Steve Scalise when he was in the hospital. He recently said, "this isn't how we do things in this country".

White House press briefings under the Trump administration frequently make headlines for the way they're run-see Melissa McCarthy's Saturday Night Live impression of Press Secretary Sean Spicer as one example. "Let's be clear about this, that war is nothing less than a war on the truth", Todd said on his show "MTP Daily".

The Trump administration found some support from former White House press secretaries who defended the decision to end live camera briefings.

Since returning from his trip, they have also held fewer press briefings.

White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked White House press secretary Sean Spicer a simple question on Monday: Why were cameras not allowed to record today's daily press briefing?

Later, a reporter asked about the "drastic shift" in the way briefings are handled as reporters piled on Spicer.

"You are a taxpayer-funded spokesman of the United States government; can you at least give us an explanation as to why the cameras are off?"

You can listen to the audio of yesterday's press briefing below.

Spicer, calling on Trey Yingst of One America News Network, was instead forced to finally answer.

"The White House writes the rules", Dalglish said.

President of the White House Correspondents' Association, Jeff Mason, said that he had raised the issue with Spicer and Sanders. "But talk to the people, not the press". The fight also allows reporters to argue even further that the media should take an adversarial role with politicians to hold them accountable, and that anything less than full transparency is a danger to an informed public.

"The main reason everyone is going along with this, upset as they may be, is that there's really nothing they can do", Kennedy said.

"Trump is a reality star, so we can't be a serious, behind the scenes presidency", the source said.

  • Jon Douglas