WhatsApp's new features aimed to improve user experience

Without further ado, we provide details on these features from here.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world with 1.2 billion users globally, and is loved for its minimalism and non-intrusive UI.

HINT: From the same menu, you also have a share button if you wish to share the text.

Whatsapp launches two new features to change emojis and apply font style. Now, you will just need to long press the text that you want to modify the font and just convert it to italics, bold or underscore.

The first feature will basically allow users to change the font using the app's text selection toolbar. The app is now apparently using Android M's customisable floating text toolbar that allows users to change the font style by simply selecting the text and choosing one from the toolbar. The options include bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace, something that is much easier to use than having to remember the codes.

WhatsApp to introduce Night Mode feature to improve photos captured in low-light
Upcoming WhatsApp Night Mode Feature to Improve Pictures Snapped in Low Light

The latest update is WhatsApp 2.17.252 beta that is being made available to the beta testers to try the new features. This emoji feature will use for the users to communicate quickly with the application via emoji.

There is an emoji search option, which has been in use by WhatsApp Web for quite a few months.

Given the ease of finding the flawless emojis to use in a conversation, you'll probably find yourself using new emojis rather than sticking to the usual that are easy to find. The new tweaks on WhatsApp were available to to be used in the Beta version of the app for Android. WhatsApp Night Mode is an added capability to its camera feature that now offers enhanced photos even in low-light.

Called "Night Mode" in the WhatsApp translation page, uncovered by the folks at PhoneRadar, the new feature is created to deliver photos in lowlight conditions. A report by Express UK suggests that the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is planning to add new features. The features may not be a massive change but will surely make your life on social media, a lot easier and faster.

  • Latoya Cobb