IL lotto players crossing state line amid budget impasee

If you're looking to buy Powerball tickets in IL, time may be running out. If and when that fiscal 2018 appropriation is passed, sales for Mega Millions will resume as well, it said.

Now the lawmakers will try to hammer out a budget or a deal with the state lottery during a special session so appropriations to pay the lottery agency can be made, according to WGN-TV.

Employees at the Four Way Quick Stop fear, until the state figures out a budget, lottery sales will only get worse.

However, the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery systems are not too sure that an agreement will be reached, so they have chose to suspend their services indefinitely.

In 2015, the state lottery didn't get the funding it needed until December. The lottery charged at the time that it lost up to $71.5 million in revenues. What's more, anyone who wins any prize of $25,000 or more will have to wait to collect the money.

"Governor Rauner pass the budget", said Zeke Simpson. Domestic violence shelters, services for seniors, our public universities and community colleges and the list, unfortunately, go on and on.

"The players of these games react by not playing the lottery".

"They shouldn't take it away from people that enjoy doing what they like to do", said Carl Brown, player.

Other lottery games will still be played, but authorities said that payments for winnings more than $25,000 could be delayed. They spend a lot of money.

  • Anthony Vega