For France, Trump at Bastille Day is Deeply Symbolic

Donald Trump wasn't shy with his compliments as he told Brigitte Macron she was in "good shape" during his visit to Paris.

President Donald Trump backtracked on his original claim that he never heard of his son's meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer until this week, telling reporters the meeting was "maybe. mentioned at some point". That began a century of US cooperation and involvement in European affairs, a policy many in Europe fear President Trump is retreating from.

Though Macron did not approve of Trump's decision to pull out of the environmental pact, he did say that he understood the US president's reasoning, while Trump suggested that he was open to re-entering the pact under different terms. In another video, it appeared Trump tried to kiss the French president's wife on her lips, but Brigitte turned his cheek instead. Trump also said if it doesn't happen, "that will be OK too".

Trump will the first USA president to have participated in the ceremonies since 1989.

Trump and Macron met at Élysee Palace for bilateral talks.

Macron said there was still "disagreement" on climate and no breakthrough on commerce, but he said that he and Trump saw eye to eye on the importance of "fair, free trade".

Gesturing to Brigitte, Trump told Macron: 'She's in such good physical shape.

Macron hopes to act as Trump's bridge to Europe, his advisers have said, as other leaders here effectively isolate the United States on a set of key issues. He said the US and France are historic allies whose cooperation on terrorism and other security issues is crucial in the years ahead.

"So, I really have a feeling you are going to have a very, very peaceful and attractive Paris".

Whilst Brigitte opted for a more fashion-forward look in a sleek, white Louis Vuitton mini-dress that she paired with a tote bag and navy stilettos also from the French fashion house. Mr Trump's wife Melania is 47. "I mean, how many people are not going to take the meeting?"

Macron, although not backing down from his defense of the accord, said differences would "absolutely not" impede progress on other issues.

He has been the President of the United States for 174 days now, and yet outrageous Donald Trump quotes are still coming thick and fast - and he's still managing to shock the world with his words.

  • Jacqueline Ellis