Trump's approval rating is 50 percent in counties that voted for him

On Sunday, Trump brushed off the poll, saying it has a history of inaccuracy, while rounding up his approval rating to 40 percent.

The ABC-Post poll finds about 60 percent of Americans said they believe Russian Federation tried to meddle in the 2016 United States presidential election, while about 44 percent think Trump benefited from those attempts. Of those 50 percent of people who approve, 29 percent do so "strongly", while of the 46 percent who disapprove, 35 percent do so "strongly".

Over the last 70 years, the only president to be this disliked so early in his tenure was Gerald Ford, in the immediate aftermath of Watergate.

Two-thirds of Americans don't trust Trump to negotiate with world leaders and only 27 percent think the country's leadership on the global stage has gotten stronger since January.

The poll showed 67% of people asked believed members of Trump's team had helped the Kremlin interfere in USA elections and another 63% didn't like the fact Donald Trump Jr had met with a lawyer from Russian Federation.

In a new poll published by ABC News, a public approval rating poll was taken on Trump's six-month run so far, and the results were. well, they're not good.

"Why did Trump cite this poll inaccurately when we can fact-check him so easily?"

That was Donald Trump in May 2016, on the campaign trail, bright-eyed and inanely pompous.

Trump's approval scores have continued to drop precipitously, as it was up at 42 percent back in April.

In the same survey, only 37 percent of those polled said the Democratic Party "stands for something". The Democrat's all-time lowest rating was 40 per cent, which came after years in the White House. Also, 55 percent said that he is not making significant progress toward his goals. Half of Americans preferred Obamacare to the proposals the Republicans have drawn up to replace it. Forty-six percent of whites see them as unsafe, rising to 65 percent of nonwhites.

Although majorities of Republicans rate Trump positively on both his character and issue agreement, they are more likely to say they agree with him on the issues (87%) than to say he has the personality and leadership qualities a president should (75%).

The Post-ABC poll was conducted July 10-13 among a random national sample of 1,001 adults reached on cellular and landline phones.

  • Delores Daniels