Cowboys' Lucky Whitehead says stolen dog held for ransom returned

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead needs help tracking down his dog.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Whitehead said that someone had broken into his house and stolen his dog Blitz. Whitehead has not only suffered that terrible feeling of being violated by having his home broken into, but he also is now missing his best friend, Blitz.

He said whoever stole Blitz demanded $10,000 in return for his dog, contacting him from an unknown number and asking, "How much is the dog mean to you?"

The post on Instagram went up Sunday and the National Football League player writes, "I strongly advise you stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse".

Whitehead posted a short Snapchat video early Tuesday morning that showed Blitz reunited with his owner unharmed. Told he would receive another call, Whitehead says he has not heard back from the malicious dognapper. They also took Blitz.

Lucky Whitehead has only had his dog for a couple of months or so, but as any dog lover knows, that's more than enough time to establish a deep, mutual bond.

A Dallas Cowboys player's Blitz is missing - and, unfortunately, this time it's not an indictment on the team's defensive line.

According to the report, Whitehead refused to cut a a check for $10,000 but agreed to pay cash after making sure the dog was OK. "It hurts because I don't know how he's being treated".

The 25-year-old Whitehead tried to get detectives on the case, but they were unable to trace the dognapper's phone.

"It's tough. I just got the dog (but he's) close to me", Whitehead told NBC 5. I wasn't here to protect him.

  • Anthony Vega