Redmond giant shows off Cortana-powered smart thermostat — Microsoft GLAS

It's no wonder then that everyone is getting into the Internet of Things business. So just what is GLAS and when will it be out?

Microsoft GLAS: What Is It?

Temperature regulation on the go is a key feature of a rival home thermostat known as the Nest, but GLAS has the additional advantage of being receptive to voice commands. Actually, Microsoft doesn't get all the credit here.

HVAC company Johnson Control has introduced a new smart thermostat powered by Microsoft's Azure and Cortana. There's also nothing about the GLAS on the Johnson Controls site that I could find.

It's part of Microsoft's vision to bring a digital assistant to fridges, toasters and thermostats.

There's no doubt about it: GLAS is freaking lovely.

We first saw GLAS on The Verge. It's absolutely jaw-dropping. Microsoft notes that GLAS has sensors that detect when you're in the room or not and the thermostat will constantly monitor indoor and outdoor air quality. And it does all this through a attractive touch screen interface on a translucent panel. There's a key focus on reducing energy bills with heating and cooling costs accounting for roughly 48% of the energy use in a typical US home (probably higher in Australia right now). In commercial buildings, heating and cooling account for 40% of energy usage.

As per Microsoft's video, the thermostat is ideal for homes, businesses, offices, and rooms where smart atmospheric controls can function. This is all supported by Microsoft's Azure platform, which could mean future improvements based on crowdsourcing of user information. The article highlights the fact that with Cortana embedded into the smart thermostat, users do not need to speak to a smartphone or smart speaker to change temperatures, a feature that will give it an edge over its competitors.

  • Essie Rivera