Kathy Griffin Shaved Her Head For The Best Reason

According to People, Kathy's sister Joyce Griffin is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

On Monday journalist Yashir Ali tweeted two photos of Griffin, now bald because she's shaved her head.

Maggie later tweeted that her daughter Kathy is a "wonderful human being" for how she honoured her other daughter Joyce.

Kathy lost her brother, Gary, after what she called a "brutal struggle" with esophageal cancer in an Instagram post three years earlier.

Griffin has not yet spoken publicly about her sister's battle with cancer or the details of her sister's disease.

No, this gesture has nothing to do her recent national and professional controversy with President Donald Trump, either.

And if you need a good laugh (who doesn't, these days?), we highly suggest you follow Kathy's mama Maggie, whose Insta handle pretty much sums up why we're in love with her.

Kathy's mum also took to Twitter to share her pride in her daughter. "I'm going to be honest, (Trump) broke me". It wasn't amusing. I get it.

Reports suggest federal law enforcement agents at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security questioned the comic for over an hour in July (17), and on Friday (28Jul17), a relieved Griffin announced the investigation had been closed.

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  • Jacqueline Ellis