'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli guilty for fraud secuities conspiracy

"Maybe they found a few broomsticks", Shkreli told a throng of reporters.

Benjamin Brafman, Shkreli's lawyer, is also trying to maintain a confident front, although he admits some disappointment. As he spoke, Shkreli smiled and cocked his head quizzically in mock confusion. "United Kingdom -based commenter "@1andrewfenton" suggested that prison guards charge Shkreli $1,000 per pill "if he goes to jail and requests an aspirin for a headache".

Throughout the five-week trial, Shkreli defused some of the tension by live-streaming himself and his apartment for hours on Facebook.

Shkreli spoke after receiving the verdict, saying, "We have some work to do" on the three guilty verdicts.

"My investors made three-to-five times their money without any aid from any settlement agreement". According to the Post, prosecutors said he "was blowing it with awful stock picks, forcing him to cook up a scheme to recover millions in losses". "He knew exactly what he was doing", she added, having previously described him as "a con man who stole millions".

Prosecutors had claimed that Shkreli had defrauded a number of investors in two hedge funds, and taken millions of dollars. Noting the sentencing judge has "enormous discretion" to sentence Shkreli, Brafman was hopeful that the convictions against his client might be considered legally tenuous. A sentencing date hasn't been set yet. Several potential jurors were kept off the panel after expressing disdain for the defendant, with one calling him a "snake" and another "the face of corporate greed".

Though Shkreli seemed to share more music on Friday, one fan reacted on Twitter by asking if the law could help fans get the full album.

But Duca is far from the only person revelingin schadenfreude-including those upset over Shkreli's $2 million purchase of the only copy of Wu-Tang's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

Shkreli was accused of funneling money from MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare investors to Retrophin, and prosecutors argued he then used money from Retrophin to pay them back. Shkreli did not testify.

"I think this verdict is a reasonably good verdict under the circumstances", Brafman said. Before Daraprim and Turing, Shkreli was a hedge fund manager and also started a pharmaceutical firm called Retrophin that went public.

"Artist "@jamesharveytm" tweeted a collection of courtroom drawings and the observation that "they had search high and low to find a jury who don't hate Martin Shkreli. They found him weird. He pleaded not guilty in the money laundering case filed against him. "We're not 100 percent pleased, but we're 90 percent pleased". In one recent post, he wrote, "My case is a silly witch hunt perpetrated by self-serving prosecutors".

  • Anthony Vega