Kayleigh McEnany leaves CNN, hosts Trump's 'real news' report, becomes RNC spokeswoman

Kayleigh McEnany stood out at CNN as a conservative voice and fierce defender of President Trump during the campaign.

Apparently raged at CNN which he often refers as "Fake News", US President Donald Trump has quietly launched his own news bulletin show to list his achievements as a president. She left the network this weekend, a source with knowledge of the situation told NBC News, asking to leave in order to pursue another opportunity. And in case all of that is too subtle, McEnany explicitly says at the end of the clip, "That's the real news".

Lara Trump reported the president's "accomplishments" of that week in the first episode, published on July 30.

"President Trump has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction", McEnany said from Trump Tower in NY, crediting Trump with creating more than 1 million jobs and getting the unemployment rate to a 16-year low. "Thank you for joining us, everybody".

A Harvard Law School graduate, McEnany defended Trump on CNN during the 2016 presidential election.

This is the second news-style segment posted to Trump's Facebook page this week - the first was spearheaded by Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.

According to The Hill, McEnany also praised the proposed RAISE Act, aimed to dramatically curb legal immigration. "Don't put out like for instance, crossing state lines, allowing insurance companies to cross state lines", she said.

The Republican National Committee said Monday it has named McEnany, an outspoken television surrogate for Trump during last year's campaign, as the GOP's new national spokesperson.

On Twitter, critics denounced the video as a form of propaganda.

The bombshell news from Thursday is that special counsel Robert Mueller has empaneled a federal grand jury in Washington D.C.as he probes Trump campaign Russian Federation ties. "Watch here for REAL news", went the pitch.

  • Jon Douglas