Trump's approval rating plummets in three key states

NBC surveyed 795 voters in MI, 773 in Pennsylvania, and 801 voters in Wisconsin from August 13 through August 17. In Pennsylvania, 47 percent want Democrats to control Congress, compared to 37 percent who favor Republicans while in Wiscosin the Democratic advantage is 46 percent-38 percent. Even though voters in all three states seem to narrowly approve of Trump's economic decisions, they are less impressed by how the president has fared in other political arenas. Post-election analysis shows that Trump won the White House by carrying a combined 80,000 votes from these three areas.

President Donald Trump's support has dropped below 40% in several key states that helped him win the 2016 election.

The polls found that 63% of registered voters in Pennsylvania and 64% in both Wisconsin and MI are embarrassed by Trump's conduct while at the White House. All polls had a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

MI: 55 percent disapprove of Trump's job performance, including 40 percent who strongly do, compared to just 36 percent approval (a mere 19 percent strongly). In all three states more than 60 percent of voters said Trump's conduct as president embarrassed them, compared to 25 percent who say it has made them proud. Roughly a quarter of registered voters in those states said they are "proud" of his conduct, the polls said.

In Pennsylvania the number was 63 percent.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, 64 percent of voters shared that sentiment.

The polls were conducted from August 13 to 17, after the violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia and following Trump's initial response to the violence, in which he didn't directly call out white supremacists and instead placed the blame on "many sides".

The president's reaction to the violence was widely criticized after he placed blame for the violence on "both sides" and appeared to suggest there were people on the white supremacist march who were neither neo-Nazis nor white supremacists.

  • Jon Douglas