'Temperatures to hit 27C' as Hurricane Gert brings tropical conditions

The hurricane has already been reduced to a tropical storm as it loses energy while travelling over the cold waters of the Atlantic.

There has been a lot of talk in the press about "ex-Hurricane Gert" heading our way.

Monday could be the hottest day of the year if temperatures hit 26C or 27C on Monday, Met Office said.

And early Bank Holiday predictions from The Weather Channel indicate changeable conditions with showers and more outbreaks of rain in the west and north.

Westmeath has been included in the very latest Status Yellow rainfall warning resulting from the expected arrival of the downgraded Hurricane Gert.

After the hot spell of scorching weather, parts of England could expected heavy downpours and even "flooding".

Rain will continue to move east, with some localised heavy bursts possible at first.

While the UK's Met Office expects weather in the North of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland to remain patchy, the South will likely see an upswing in temperatures as a result of Gert.

Today, Thursday, there will be a mix of cloudy and sunny spells. Areas of mist and fog will be extensive on hills and coasts.

Farmers operating on heavier soils are likely to suffer with the heavy rainfall forecast.

It may be necessary to skip some of the heavier soil-type paddocks for a couple of days until weather conditions improve next week.

"The wet and windy weather will most likely be to the north and west of the United Kingdom, so Scotland, Northern Ireland, north west England and North Wales will have a wet and windy weekend".

  • Jon Douglas