Two million CeX customers warned of stolen details after huge data hack

Second-hand games and gadget retailer Cex has reported that a breach of their online security has resulted in customer data being stolen, potentially affecting up to two million customers.

KitGuru Says: With online scams and identity fraud being so prevalent these days, protecting your personal information is very important.

The data that was compromised was online-only.

The company says they are taking the matter "extremely seriously", and has issued guidelines and advice for customers whose personal data may have been accessed.

Founded in London back in 1992, CeX now has stores across the UK, US, India, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Australia and Canarias. While personal, identifying information did make it out, CEX has not stored any payment card information from customers since 2009.

In terms of financial data, the retailer assures customers that it has not stored credit and debit card information since 2009, meaning that any financial information still on its system will be in the form of expired card details.

Up to two million online customers of CeX at at risk from attackers - but no information of in-store customers has been compromised.

Cex, a second hand goods chain based in the United Kingdom, has urged customers to change their passwords.

Cex has emailed customers affected by the hack, but says it can not share specific details of the security breach while the firm is under investigation. Our cyber security specialists have already put in place additional advanced measures to fix the problem and prevent this from happening again. "One would struggle to think of a legitimate business reason for storing expired card details and would appear to go against the Data Protection Act principles of adequacy and relevancy".

But Cex is urging its customers to change their passwords online, "as well as any other online accounts where you may share the same password as a precautionary measure".

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  • Delores Daniels