President Trump Chooses Springfield for Historic Value

Of other countries' tax reforms, he said: "They made their taxes lower - and far lower, in many cases, than ours - and jobs left our country".

In a speech on tax reform in Springfield, Missouri, Trump singled out several countries, including Ireland, and pledged to cut America's corporate tax to 15pc.

Advocating a 15% corporate tax rate, and a slew of other reforms, Trump insisted "our self-destructive tax code cost millions of jobs, trillions of dollars, and billions of hours spent on compliance and paper work".

The president's remarks come as the debate over tax reform heats up among congressional leaders ahead of their return from the August recess.

"I don't want to be disappointed by Congress".

"As an American, that is something I would certainly support, even though I love Ireland". Understand, Congress? I think Congress is going to make a comeback. "I hope so. I tell you what - the United States is counting on it".

The Democratic National Committee issued a statement saying tax plans put forth by Trump and Republicans in the past would have benefited the "super-rich and corporations over hardworking Americans". He talked about reducing bureaucracy and tax rates so companies will bring that money back into America. That's especially true since any long-term tax cuts might require acquiescence by Democrats in the Senate and Trump has recently sparred with Republican allies. He is the first President in four decades to withhold them from the public. "They'll keep their money, they'll spend their money, they'll buy our product", the president said Wednesday.

Trump has called for some changes that could help the middle class, like consolidating income tax brackets from seven to three and raising the standard deduction.

Like Trump, Ryan said House Republicans want to lower tax rates for small and large businesses, which now pay at least 35 percent.

We checked with New Orleanians to get their thoughts. He called on supporters to vote her out of office if she does not work with congress and the president on tax reform.

"It seems that this is an area where Trump can turn the page with Congress", Delehanty said in an interview.

He vowed to lower the corporate tax rate, bring companies back to the U.S.

The U.S. can not remain competitive with other nations with a tax rate that is 16.4 percentage points higher than the world average.

  • Jon Douglas