Try not to cry while watching 'The Witcher' 10th anniversary video

With The Witcher series celebrating its 10th anniversary, CD Projekt Red showed off a thank you video to the community.

Yesterday, the studio released the video below, which featured Geralt of Rivia and the rest of The Witcher's cast raising a toast to the fans. But since then, especially after the expansions of The Witcher 3 we haven't heard from the main title. Geralt receives Corvo Bianco as a home from Anna Henrietta, as partial payment for a contract, during the Blood and Wine DLC. From Triss and Yennefer chatting to Zoltan playing Gwent with Dandelion, everyone is present and having a whale of a time.

"#The Witcher" is one of the most popular fantasy RPG game series to come out in the last decade, alongside other giants such as "Dragon Age" and "The Elder Scrolls".

In the anniversary video that was released on Sunday is a heartfelt journey for fans of The Witcher series with huge thanks being given to players who have stuck with the games.

Without a doubt, the video will mean the world to anyone who has completed The Witcher 3. Based on a series of books from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher series of games helped put CD Projekt RED on the map. It's a veritable who's who of The Witcher 3. What are your reactions to the developer's special video, Witcher fans?

  • Essie Rivera