United States threatens 'massive response' to latest North Korea nuclear test

Trump convened a White House meeting on Sunday afternoon of military leaders, his national security team and Vice President Mike Pence, where Mattis said they reviewed each of the United States' military options in the Asia-Pacific.

Although analysts said they could not verify the claim, they added that the force of the blast suggested North Korea had developed a weapon equivalent to 120 kilotons - an order of magnitude more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

"Our commitment among the allies are ironclad", Mattis said outside the White House, according to CNN.

Mattis said Washington was not looking for the "total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea".

North Koreans watch a giant television in Pyongyang showing newsreader Ri Chun-Hee as she announces the news that the country has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on September 3, 2017.

North Korea flew a Hwasong-12 over northern Japan last week, the first such overflight by a missile capable of carrying nukes, in a launch that Kim described as a "meaningful prelude" to containing Guam, the home of major USA military facilities, and more ballistic missile tests targeting the Pacific.

There was no immediate confirmation outside North Korea that the test involved a hydrogen bomb, or that it was small enough to be loaded onto a missile.

His comments are coming after leaders around the world jointly condemned North Korea's testing of its sixth nuclear missile. "North Korea's nuclear and missile development program is a threat that is more grave and urgent to the safety of our country and has entered a new stage".

President Trump confirmed the nuclear test
President Trump confirmed the nuclear test

The communist regime's state-run media hailed the nation's sixth nuclear test as a "perfect success".

We will work with China.

South Korea will hold a National Security Council meeting Sunday to discuss the incident, according to South Korea's Presidential office.

An image from North Korea of the latest nuclear test.


German chancellor Angela Merkel also joined in the condemnation when her office issued a statement which read thus; "The chancellor and the president are in agreement that North Korea has trampled on worldwide law and that the global community must therefore react with determination against this new escalation". "War is never something the United States wants".

Mr Trump also lashed out at South Korea.

The president apparently sought to put the onus for the failure to dissuade the North on South Korea and China.

It has always been accepted that North Korea has intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching the mainland of the United States.

  • Jon Douglas