Staffer told police that Joe Paterno noted 'second complaint' against Jerry Sandusky

Joe Paterno knew years before Jerry Sandusky's arrest that the former assistant Penn State football coach might be sexually abusing children.

The latest police report casts fresh doubt on denials by Paterno, his family and his supporters that the head coach knew about Sandusky's predatory serial molestation before the 2001 incident.

It has been five years since longtime Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted for sexually abusing 10 boys in a 15-year span. According to the report, when McQueary recounted what he had seen, Paterno acknowledged it "was the second complaint of this nature he had received".

Penn State's former head coach had been asked under oath if he knew of any other allegations, to which he responded no. Relatives and supporters of the iconic football coach have continued to deny any claims that Paterno had prior knowledge of sexual abuse by Sandusky.

That McQueary's statement to police didn't surface in Sandusky's trial, however, was no mistake.

Paterno told a grand jury in 2011 that he first learned in 2001 of inappropriate sexual contact by Sandusky involving young boys.

The legendary coach JoePa, as his fans knew him, died in January 2012 at the age of 85, shortly after he was sacked in November 2011 amid revelations that assistant coach Jerry Sandusky had sexually abused close to a dozen boys on the Penn State campus. Paterno died from lung cancer shortly after that testimony.

It regards a legal battle between Penn State and insurance companies over who's ultimately responsible for $60 million in settlements to Sandusky's victims.

One man said Paterno dismissed his report in 1976 by saying, "I have a football season to worry about", CNN said.

The legacy of Joe Paterno, and by extension Penn State, appears set to take yet another blow in a world after the Jerry Sandusky scandal first broke.

Paterno and McQueary had "no discussion of the previous complaint at that time or any other time", the report states.

Paterno was sacked by the Penn State board of trustees in a special meeting later that night.

  • Angelo Rivera