US adds launchers to THAAD as dozens hurt in SKorea protests

Protesters scuffled with police Thursday as the United States deployed four additional launchers to complete an advanced missile defense system in South Korea.

In a separate phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin also on Monday, Moon said the U.N. Security Council should seek ways to sever North Korea's foreign currency income, including from its workers employed overseas and oil shipments, according to the South Korean statement.

(.) Calling the region an intersection between Russia's new policy to direct diplomatic focus towards Eastern Asia, and Seoul's (quote) "New Northern Policy", which includes North Korea, President Moon announced Seoul and Moscow will establish a 2-billion-dollar-worth loans and investments platform that focuses on supporting the Far East development project.

The unstable regime in Pyongyang has concluded that its only hope of self-preservation, in the face of provocative threats from an unstable Trump administration, is to try and expand its nuclear arsenal as quickly as possible.

Putin says he believes President Donald Trump's administration is willing to defuse tensions over North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Woo Won-shik said on Thursday at the party meeting held after THAAD launchers were taken to the Seongju site.

On the simmering issue of Korean workers forced to work under Japanese colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, Abe reiterated Japan's position that the issues were settled under a 1965 bilateral treaty.

He said the United Nations should take "necessary measures", but added that sanctions and pressure should spur negotiation between the sides towards the goal of a peaceful solution on the Korean peninsula. North Korea will have no future if these tests continue, he said.

An intergovernmental working group will also be set up to promote the activities, with officials from foreign, trade, health and environment ministries taking part from Japan, it said.

South Korea is closely watching North Korea over the possibility it may test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile as soon as Saturday when it celebrates its founding anniversary.

An unlimited warhead weight allowance would enable the South to strike North Korea with greater force in the event of a military conflict.

North Korea tested two ICBMs in July that could fly about 10,000 km (6,200 miles), putting many parts of the USA mainland within range and prompting a new round of worldwide sanctions against Pyongyang.

North Korea has shown no signs of changing its tone or ambitions.

China has consistently railed against recurring US-South Korean war games that are directed at deterring a North Korean attack, but which China blames for fanning regional tensions.

Abe also said the December 2015 agreement reached between Japan and South Korea to resolve the "comfort women" issue should be implemented. American strategists regard domination of the vast Eurasian land mass as the key to USA global hegemony and China as the chief obstacle to that goal.

  • Jon Douglas