China to ban sale of fossil fuel cars in electric vehicle push

China is gearing up to ban petrol and diesel cars, a move that would boost electric vehicles and shake up the world's biggest auto market in a country that is plagued by pollution.

Being the largest automobile market in the world, China sold a whopping number of 28.03 million vehicles previous year - a striking surge of 13.7% in demand against the sales number in 2015.

Officials are working closely with regulators to form a plan, Xin Guobin, China's vice minister of industry and information, said Saturday at the 2017 International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development in Tianjin, Bloomberg reports.

It would be recalled, the United Kingdom had pledged a ban on new diesel and petrol auto sales by 2040.

A possible ban in China, then, may act as another signal that sweeping change is coming for the auto sector - as well as indicate how seriously the country is considering a transition to energy consumption.

To encourage the development of new-energy vehicles, subsidies of as much as half the original price are available, but in the long term such subsidies may lead to blind expansion, said Song Qiuling, a deputy section chief from the Ministry of Finance.

The Chinese market is already dominated by domestic manufacturers like BAIC and BYD, which have aggressively pursued the electric vehicle business.

China is the world's biggest vehicle market and produced a total of 28 million cars a year ago, accounting for nearly a third of production worldwide. Making the environment sustainable is definitely a motivator for the local authorities to ban fossil fuel powered vehicles in the future.

China has announced it is mulling over a ban on the production and sale of petrol and diesel based cars and vans from 2040 in an effort to boost the production of electric vehicles.

And with China's vast population, some say the country has no choice but to embrace electric vehicles.

China is planning to ban the production of diesel and petrol cars, a move which is of serious source of concern for Nigeria.

China plans ban of petrol cars.

Chinese-owned Volvo announced in July that every vehicle it makes from 2019 onward will have an electric motor. The UK and France have both pledged a deadline of 2040.

  • Anthony Vega