Seattle mayor Ed Murray quits after fifth sexual abuse claim

The latest allegations came from Joseph Dyer, the son of Murray's first cousin, Maryellen Sottile.

"While the claims against me are not valid, it is critical that my own issues don't influence the capacity of our City government to direct general society's business", the leader said in an announcement.

He said Tuesday that he would step down effective 5 p.m. Wednesday.

"I feel victory, but saddened that it required another victim to come forward for him to resign", another accuser, Lloyd Anderson, said in a statement.

Murray also is an opponent of President Donald Trump.

Members of Seattle City Council asked in July for Murray's resignation. "I'm very proud that many, numerous previous mayors have endorsed me", Durkan said.

Dyers' signed declaration is part of Heckard's lawsuit against Murray. Despite calls for his resignation, Murray chose to stay on.

Murray said he has no plans to resign before his term is over at the end of this year.

Murray, a Democrat, is the city's first openly gay mayor and was an early and vocal national advocate for the gay community when he served in the state legislature for almost two decades before running for mayor.

The allegations against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who resigned Tuesday, are now front and center in the race to replace him.

Urbanist Cary Moon had done so prior to the latest allegations, first in May, and reiterated that sentiment in a press conference on Tuesday, calling Murray's response to the allegations "deeply inappropriate and harmful".

After months of battling accusers who said he had molested them as children, the mayor of San Diego is resigning from his position. He left the office so the scandal would not overtake what the mayor needs to do.

Murray was quoted in the original story as saying he still meant to serve out the remainder of his term.

"I think the focus has to be on moving forward. I have had enough, '" he said.

Murray, 62, a former Democratic state legislator, has repeatedly denied that he sexually abused anyone, contending the accusations are part of a political takedown targeting him for his progressive politics and record as a gay-rights champion. Another alleged victim, a 49-year-old resident of Portland, in the neighboring state of OR, went on television to accuse the progressive and openly homosexual Democratic politician of sexual assault.

  • Jacqueline Ellis