Location scout for Netflix's 'Narcos' shot dead in Mexico

Carlos Muñoz Portal, a location scout for the Netflix series Narcos (screenshot of the show, above) who had been working to find places to shoot for season four, is now dead after his "bullet-riddled body" and vehicle were found in a remote area near the borders of the Hidalgo state of Mexico, according to reports.

Netflix confirmed his passing to the Daily News.

It had been widely rumored that Narcos Season 4 will be set in Mexico, instead of the Colombian milieu that was featured in seasons 1 through 3, but this had not yet been confirmed by Netflix or the showrunners.

The network added that circumstances surrounding the death remain unclear.

In Julu, the Los Angeles Times reported that homicides in Mexico due to the drug war had spiked to record levels.

Carlos Muñoz Portal was scouting locations for season four of the popular Netflix series when he was shot to death.

El Pais reported of Narcos Season 4, "Production will soon portray the Cartel de Juárez, an organization headed by Amado Carrillo, better known as El señor de los cielos".

He had worked in the entertainment industry as a locations manager for more than 10 years, including jobs on "Apocalypto" and "Specter", which filmed in Zocalo, Mexico.

"We have no witnesses", Claudio Barrera, spokesman for the Attorney General of the State of Mexico was quoted as saying in La Vanguardia.

There are no specifics yet on what happened, but he was last seen heading out to the State of Mexico for some production photographs.

  • Jacqueline Ellis