Taco Bell plans to ditch drive-thru, add booze to new restaurants

They will feature local artwork and open kitchens, so you can watch your food being cooked. These locations will also serve beer, wine, sangria and "Twisted Freezes", which will be slushies made with tequila, rum or vodka.

But forget about ordering from your vehicle - the new locations will not have drive-thrus.

Taco Bell, the go-to, open-all-night solution for a taste for tacos that creeps up on you at midnight is known for its drive-thru service.

Food & Wine reported Taco Bell plans to "zero in on" big cities like Detroit, Boston and NY.

"No drive-thrus will be removed from existing locations", a Taco Bell spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

Grams says the chain's foray into a hipper, more urban concept for their restaurants shows that Taco Bell "isn't afraid to try new things". The fast-food restaurant is a national chain specializing in Mexican cuisine.

Another interesting point: According to Food & Wine, the chain's drive-thrus make up around 55 to 70 percent of its revenue.

Grams added "currently, there are already roughly 6,000 Taco Bell restaurants nationwide, but expanding the urban footprint, in particular, makes sense".

Taco Bell's chief operating officer credits millennials' moving into downtown areas helping to revitalize urban areas.

The Tex-Mex brand is always looking to flawless a new, even innovative or peculiar item.

  • Jacqueline Ellis