Apple movie rentals now give you double the time to watch

The remote of the Apple TV also was met with positive feedback due to its simplicity and its versatility in implementing Siri.

As yet there are no details on why Apple has made it so you can only stream the 4K movies and not download them to your device.

But, because it's Apple, this 4K version has its own particular flair. As the name suggests, HDR produces a wider range of colors.

The Verge raved about the Apple's 4K simplistic interface, bevy of applications, more cost-efficient 4K HDR movie selections, and the fact that iTunes is upgraded to 4K HDR free of charge. According to an Apple support document, 4K content from iTunes can only be streamed, not downloaded directly to a device. YouTube uses the VP9 video format for its 4K videos, which the Apple TV doesn't support.

The new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) TV 4K doesn't ship with Dolby Atmos surround sound support or support for 4K HDR YouTube videos.

"Outside of gaming consoles, custom-built home theater PCs, and the extremely niche Nvidia Shield, the Apple TV 4K is the most powerful mainstream box you can stick under your TV", he wrote. The upgraded streaming box comes with CPU with performance twice as fast and graphics four times faster.

But, CNET found the new Apple TV to be too expensive and considered competitors including Roku to have more bang for their buck, based on image qualities. And despite its negative sentiment regarding its price, Time said the new Apple TV 4K is ideal for "Apple fans willing to pay a premium for convenience". That said, here's what people are saying about Apple's next-gen Apple TV.

Apple may still view the Apple TV as nothing more than a hobby, but the company is certainly doing all it can to transform its venerable set-top box into a must-have device. If it's lower than that, Apple devices will automatically lower the quality.

If you don't? Well, it's not as compelling a sell.

  • Essie Rivera