Does Star Trek: Discovery Justify Signing Up for CBS All Access?

As you may have heard, Star Trek: Discovery is also available to stream on Netflix but not for everybody. For starters, Discovery is the first series in the Trek-iverse available only on the streaming platform CBS All Access. Additionally, all future episodes will be released on over-the-top streaming service in the United States on Sundays. This Star Trek series is also making history as the first to run exclusively on a digital platform.

CBS said the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery pushed its CBS All Access over-the-top subscription service to a record for most subscriber sign ups in a single day. "After Trek" hits CBS All Access at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Star Trek: Discovery will be coming to Netflix soonWhat will Star Trek: Discovery be about?

Leading up to the oft-delayed Discovery, much of the conversation focused around the departure of showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies), following both his commitments to American Gods and disagreements with CBS over the direction of Discovery.

The USS Discovery, in the form of a light effect, flies over NY. We have to say, the effect was particularly cool when First Officer Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) breaks out of the enclosure, shattering a semi-invisible barrier between life and death.

After more than 12 years - 4,518 days in total - Star Trek is back on our TV screens.

The highly-anticipated new Star Trek: Discovery series is boldly going where no trek series has gone before. Usually the violent "other" in Star Trek lore, Discovery gives the familiar antagonists their own point of view, backstory, culture, and reasons to fight.

"With its level of talent and commitment, Star Trek: Discovery has a decent chance of getting on course to complete its mission".

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Michelle Yeoh has been confirmed for the first thirteen episodes as Captain of the Discovery, Captain Georgiou. Others felt compelled to compare it to the other new show, "The Orville". CBS wants Star Trek: Discovery to be must-watch TV, and they've certainly put their money where their mouth is. Episode three, which I'll very vaguely tease you with, draws on several classic science-fiction films, including Solaris, Event Horizon and the original Alien, while allowing Martin-Green to shift into a different register: less earnest Tom Cruise and more strong-silent Clint Eastwood or Steve McQueen. "They clearly have people who know what we lovingly call technobabble, people who know phase inducers and shield frequencies and all the rest of the terminology that was established specifically for the Star Trek Universe".

  • Jacqueline Ellis