Iran will shred nuclear deal if US quits it

In a speech on state TV, he said Tehran would stick to the agreement, but only as long as the other six signatories - the US, UK, Russia, France, China, and Germany - respected the deal.

"Everyone be assured that this time, too, America will be slapped and defeated by the nation of Iran".

"The US president displays stupidity, but this should not cause us to ignore America´s mischief", he said. A decision to reinstate sanctions on Iran could jeopardize the project.

European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, too, said the 2015 nuclear deal is "working", stressing that the United States can not unilaterally cancel the worldwide agreement.

Pouyanne said Total was weighing its options and all would depend on the U.S. Congress and if it decides to reinstate the sanctions, and what kinds of sanctions.

Speaking in a Wednesday meeting with a group of elite students in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei strongly condemned Europe for reiterating the U.S. remarks about Iran's regional presence and missile program, saying that such issues are none of their business.

European Union foreign ministers on Monday urged USA lawmakers not to reimpose sanctions on Tehran but also discussed Iran's missile program, which they want to see dismantled.

"Why do YOU have missiles?"

"They (Europeans) ask why does Iran have missiles".

It has called upon the Islamic Republic not to "undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles created to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons". "We do not think it is acceptable for the Europeans to join America in its bullying".

The Trump administration has imposed new unilateral sanctions targeting Iran's missile activity.

The American President has called for Congress to try to fix problems with the 2015 nuclear deal that Iran signed with the West.

"We see no reason to change anything in the guidelines that we have received from the (IMF) Board and continue to operate in the same manner", Lagarde said on Sunday, responding to a question on Trump's new policy on Iran who has strongly urged the IMF and World Bank not to provide loans or funds to Iran.

  • Jon Douglas