'A Sad Episode': Media Calling Gold Star Families for Anti-Trump Fodder

Trump was put on speaker phone, and could be heard in the video.

President Trump called Natasha De Alencar to offer condolences after her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, was killed in Afghanistan on April 8. They often visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Dover Air Force Base in DE, where the remains of the fallen often are taken.

The Gold Star father says in situations like this one it seems impossible to know the right things to say. What a, what a frightful thing, except that he's an unbelievable hero.

Natasha De Alencar, who turned on the speakerphone so that her daughter could record the conversation, tells the Post that she felt she was talking to a "regular" human.

"Any chance I get to speak about that man, I take it".

Trump: Everyone tells me how great - I mean he's like, he was the leader, he was, he was the boss, he was their friend.

Mark De Alencar, a member of the 7th Special Forces group, was fatally shot in Afghanistan just days after celebrating his 37th birthday. "It did. Some people just don't know what to say sometimes", Erickson says.

"I hold you close to my heart and keep you in my prayers", the letter concluded, signed by the first lady.

The couple have five children between them: Deshaun Osbourne, 20, Octavia Osbourne, 18, Rodrigo De Alencar 16, Tatiyana De Alencar, 13, and Marcos De Alencar, 5. Rundown real quick 20, 17, 15, 12, and four.

Asked about his contact with the families of four soldiers killed this month in Niger, Trump said in a Monday news conference that he had written letters to the families of those soldiers and planned to call them, taking a bow for that plan.

Trump: "That's so fantastic, that's so awesome".

For days, President Donald Trump has been antagonizing Democratic representative Frederica Wilson, for publicly revealing alleged insensitive comments he made to the grieving widow of a slain U.S. Army sergeant named La David Johnson.

When President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he had contacted the families of "virtually everybody" who had been killed in the military since he took office, the White House did not even have an updated list of those who had died in action, according to an internal Department of Defense email obtained by Roll Call. My son is now in college in Missouri, playing football.

Natasha De Alencar was sitting at home after a trip to Walmart in April when a phone rang. He's a cornerback. He's been playing since he was five. So it's his life, that's what he always wants to do, he's, you know, he's doing it sir, he's making me proud and he's making his father proud in heaven, so I have no complaints.

De Alencar: Not a sports, it was academic.

De Alencar: Me and my husband we never had to worry. "I believe that if you interviewed him personally, one on one, you would find that he is very, very empathetic and very compassionate, not only toward Gold Star families but also in regards to our active duty".

Trump: Are your other kids, are your other kids all outstanding, or do you have some good and some not quite as good? They write letters... I do a combination of both. I just want people to remember my son and all the other gold star moms, Mrs. Johnson, all those who are grieving. I like to learn and it's unbelievable what kind of guy he was.

  • Jon Douglas