O'Reilly Apologizes to Bolling for Invoking Son's Death in Harassment Dispute

"Is dead. Because of allegations made-in my opinion, and I know this to be true-against Mr. Bolling".

Eric Jr. was found dead in his bed at his apartment in Boulder, Colorado, on September 8. This interview happened before the news came out about how O'Reilly paid one of his accusers $32 million in order to settle the lawsuit he was facing at the time.

Bolling pushed back against O'Reilly's comments in a statement and said that it was "beyond inappropriate" to bring his son's tragic death into the conversation about the media's treatment of him. O'Reilly even reappeared as a guest on Sean Hannity's show on the Fox after departing his own, before the most recent news about his past broke. At one point, O'Reilly claimed that previous reporting on his history of harassment had brought "indescribable pain" to his children (in front of whom he allegedly beat his ex-wife), and then appeared to blame journalists for the death of his former colleague Eric Bolling's son.

"I urge you to think about what you put in your newspaper", O'Reilly said.

Bolling, who was sacked by Fox after an investigation into claims of sexual harassment, responded that it was "beyond inappropriate" for O'Reilly to bring up the death of his son, adding that "my parting from Fox News was in no way connected to the tragic news of my son's passing".

"And of course, former Fox News pundit and scrotum who wished to be a real boy, Bill O'Reilly".

After Bolling made his statement to the Times, O'Reilly took to Twitter to apologize to his former coworker.

In the past, O'Reilly has blamed reports of his sexual misconduct on a politically motivated media. O'Reilly was sacked by the network in April. "The coroner has in fact indicated to us that they believe it was an accident".

He also said that his parting with Fox News "was in no way connected to the tragic news of my son's passing".

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh told the Daily Camera last month that while an autopsy was performed, toxicology tests could take up to four weeks. Thank you so much for supporting me.

O'Reilly has said previously that he wished he hadn't settled such cases.

"What I'm trying to get across by coming on with you is two things: First, I want the story to go away because it's brutalizing my family", he continued.

He added afterward, "Eric Bolling is a stand up guy who deserves the respect I have for him".

  • Jacqueline Ellis