Amazon customers in some Pa. cities can get deliveries inside their homes

They are provided a one-time passcode for secure access to allow deliveries to be placed inside the home.

Amazon began putting lockers in nearby stores and constructing lobbies. It even showed off drones that could drop the package right into your backyard.

But buying those components - the Amazon Cloud Cam and Amazon Key-compatible smart lock - could be a bit pricey.

The security services are marketed as a feature for your benefit, but it's also allowing a company 24-hour access and video footage into your home.

Prime customers can preorder the camera today. It's available to Prime members, only.

At the same time, it is a bet that will test Prime customers' trust in the company. A driver will come to your place as per usual, but instead of leaving the package on your doorstep, the delivery driver can scan the barcode on the side of the package to match it up to your order number.

Demand for other smart lock systems has so far been small compared to connected devices like the Amazon Echo speaker, according to a survey by TECHnalysis Research. If you already own a compatible lock, you can buy the camera for $120.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Amazon was trying to work out how to deliver packages inside their customers' homes and auto trunks in an attempt to stop package theft. "Neither keys nor access codes are never provided to the drivers", insisted Amazon.

All in-home deliveries are backed by Amazon Key Happiness Guarantee.

This isn't the first time Amazon have tried to revolutionise the way we receive our deliveries as back in 2015 they trialled a service with Audi in which couriers left parcels in vehicle boots. I used the Amazon Key service and now my Xbox is missing.

Much in the same way the Alexa voice assistant aimed to get involved with how you go about your day - from weather checks, to music and event organization - Amazon Key is part of a greater strategy to integrate the technology giant in every aspect of your personal and home life. So it tries to make sure the process is minimally invasive and totally transparent. They get real-time notifications and can watch deliveries live or view recordings later. Amazon can then grant its delivery drivers access to your home remotely, and send you a live feed of the delivery as it's happening.

Those simply wanting to let in friends or other guests will also have that option. Couriers are instructed to open the door as little as possible, slide the packages in, and not enter the home if possible. This includes integrations with some of the leading service brands, including home cleaning experts from Merry Maids and pet sitters and dog walkers on, as well as over 1,200 services from providers across 60 professions via Amazon Home Services.

With Amazon Key, professionals from Amazon Home Services will be able to easily get into your home, whether it's to clean it up or pick up your pooch for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

  • Latoya Cobb