Putin Launched Four Ballistic Missiles

On the occasion of the launch, three ballistic missiles were set off from submarines as part of the training to test the country's nuclear arsenal.

According to the country's defence ministry, the missile was sacked about 500 miles north of Moscow, The Independent reported.

Russia's military has test-fired four nuclear-capable ballistic missiles on the orders of President Putin.

"The exercises involved practical drills of the personnel of command-and-control centers of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, crews of nuclear-powered submarines in service with the Northern and Pacific fleets, as well strategic and long-range bombers", the ministry said in a statement.

The ground-fired missile struck a practice range on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in far eastern Russian Federation, after traveling almost the length of the entire country.

As part of the manoeuvres, the Tu-160, the Tu-95 and the Tu-22 bomber launched cruise missiles at mock targets at firing ranges on Kamchatka, the Komi region in the far North and in Russia's ex-Soviet neighbour Kazakhstan, the report said.

"All the tasks set for the exercise have been fulfilled and all the practice targets were reached", the ministry said.

It added: "All objectives of the training have been successfully completed,".

Last month, Russian Federation successfully tested a Topol missile equipped with a new advanced warhead, and two modern Yars intercontinental ballistic missile.

  • Jon Douglas