Send The NYC Terrorist To Guantanamo Bay

President Donald Trump began his morning attacking Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, and calling for "Merit Based immigration", just hours after the terror attack that killed eight people in New York City.

Tuesday's attack in New York City also gave the President, and other Republicans, an opportunity to promote a counter-insurgency approach to criminal justice.

"Send him to Gitmo", Trump told reporters.

Graham said suspect Sayfullo Saipov, who is accused of killing eight people by mowiing them down with a rented truck, was "motivated by radical Islamic thought, that he killed in the name of radical islam and that he is expressing his allegiance to ISIL". Saipov ran from the pickup truck after ramming into a school bus, brandishing what police later determined were fake weapons. He has yet to be formally charged. This attack was the worst terrorist incident in NY since September 11, 2001.

The Diversity Lottery program, enacted 27 years ago, has allowed 50,000 people per year to come to the US from countries with low levels of immigration.

"I think it's kind of absurd in the hours after this bad attack to be using it as a fulcrum for a debate that's been going on in Congress for completely different reasons", Representative Adam Schiff of California said on MSNBC on Wednesday. He reiterated that push in a Cabinet meeting, saying he would "ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this programme".

"Sounds nice-it's not nice", the President said Wednesday.

"We need quick justice and we need strong justice", he said. "What we have right now is a joke".

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., also called for trying Saipov at Guantanamo, according to the Huffington Post. "There's enough evidence to believe that he qualifies as an enemy combatant under the law of war". Law enforcement authorities said the suspect in followed an ISIS playbook to carry out the attack.

"We must not consider these attacks on our homeland in isolation, but rather recognize them for what they are: acts of war", he said.

"As such, the NY terror suspect should be held and interrogated - thoroughly, responsibly, and humanely - as an enemy combatant consistent with the Law of Armed Conflict".

In a statement, McCain said the Trump administration should inform Congress as soon as possible about how it planned to treat Saipov. (However, Schumer he was also a player in a 2013 immigration overhaul bill that would have eliminated the program).

  • Jon Douglas