Garbrandt wants rematch. Why former Sacramento teammate Dillashaw might not grant it.

Round 2. Dillashaw throws a head kick that grazes Garbrandt's hair, which Garbrandt then pantomimes. Garbrandt taking his time here and seems to be looking for opportunities to counter. "So I think he's going to definitely have to build himself back up". He'd follow up with a couple of punches, but Garbrandt survived. But considering he was open to a champion-vs. -champion super fight, which would then mean meeting Garbrandt, that's one obstacle now out of the way.

Dillashaw immediately put his smooth stance changes on display to start the bout, and he would press the action early.

Dillashaw looks to have decently recovered inbetween rounds. Dillashaw misses with a hook and Garbrandt blasts to the body and head. Garbrandt swarmed for the finish, but time was up, and Dillashaw stumbled to his feet before regrouping in the corner. But Dillashaw, referencing criticism of his chin made by Garbrandt at Thursday's news conference, had the last laugh. Dillashaw attempts to get in on a takedown, but Garbrandt easily stuffs that.

But the defending champion unleashed a breathless combination at the midway point of the round and, as the buzzer sounded, Garbrandt let rip with a brutal right hook which sent Dillashaw back to his stool on wobbly legs, staring at an unkind gesture.

Garbrandt on Thursday night posted a video on his Instagram account Thursday night that he said was gym footage of him knocking out Dillashaw in a sparring session. I should've gotten a rematch after that Cruz fight, a very close split decision that I thought I won, and I did not get it.

However, Dillashaw now has his eye on fighting pound-for-pound No.1 and long-time flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, which is also an exceptional match-up. "Now, let's make some money".

  • Angelo Rivera