Man in Custody After Stabbing at Mall of America

Police Chief Jeff Potts said, "There have been two adult males that have been taken to the hospital and have what are described as non-life-threatening injuries". The victim's family attempted to intervene and a second victim sustained a knife wound.

Witnesses in the store say they saw the suspect behaving erratically before the attack.

The 20-year-old suspect accused of stabbing two men at the Mall of America in Minnesota has been identified. Meanwhile, the suspect is also believed to have been wounded.

The only way Mall of America stabbing will make it on the news is if suspect was carrying a Robert E Lee statue, KKK member, or wearing a Trump hat. "Our thoughts are with the families involved". There is a large police presence at the mall as authorities investigate the incident.

Those are the only details we have right now, but in the meantime, the Twitter Bigot Brigade™ is here to fill in the blanks with baseless accusations about the stabbing...

"My daughter could see people lying on the ground who had been stabbed". Schwieters added she talked to a man who might have seen the suspect before the stabbing.

The police then asked everyone to clear the area, she said. "Kind of drew attention to himself".

  • Jon Douglas