Citizenship crisis: NXT Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore to resign over dual citizenship

Nick Xenophon Team senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore has resigned from parliament after learning she was entitled to British dual citizenship.

She said she had discovered that she was entitled to dual citizenship with Britain late last week via her mother, who was born in Singapore before the country gained independence, and she was informed by the UK Home Office that this meant she was entitled to citizenship. "She migrated to Australia with her family in 1970", she said.

"Usually where a parent is born outside of the United Kingdom they are unable to pass their citizenship on to their children where those children are also born outside of the UK".

A ninth Australian lawmaker resigned on Wednesday after confirming that she had a dual citizenship, The Australian reported.

"Their advice was extremely surprising to me".

When she was living in Oman as a child her father had inquired whether she was eligible for a British passport and was told she was not because she wasn't eligible for citizenship.

'It was my understanding for my entire life that I was not eligible for British citizenship due to that rule'.

Mr Xenophon quit federal parliament to run for a seat in the South Australian parliament in the next state election in March and says despite his party's issues at the federal level his bid and the fortunes of his state party, SA Best will not be impacted.

"The complexion of the Senate is changing rather rapidly and I'm always willing to talk to new senators about this and I think there is a mounting case to let us have a go at this", he said at the National Press Club.

'Based on this advice I will be resigning from the senate today and will be requesting that my matter be referred to the High Court when senate sits next week'. "We had no reason to doubt that this advice was incorrect".

The Australian constitution holds that MPs may not be citizens of a foreign nation, even if they are Australian citizens - and even if the additional citizenship wasn't known to the individual politicians previously.

Another NXT parliamentarian, Rebekha Sharkie, has also faced questions about her eligibility for Parliament, as she was born in England, The SMH noted.

"This will not be the end of my political career".

  • Jon Douglas