Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now worth $100 bn

Black Friday sales helped Amazon shares to jump more than 2 percent and online holiday sales increase by more than 18 percent since past year, Bloomberg reported.

Just this week, Bezos rose another $2.4 billion, which gave him the final push to reach the 12-figure net worth.

The online retail mogul surpassed Bill Gates again on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, this time advancing nearly $11 billion past the Microsoft co-founder.

It came as sales over the internet overall shot up by almost a fifth (18.4%) on the day - as shoppers snapped up bargains - compared to the same 24-hour period past year, figures show.

He is trailed by Bill Gates - who saw his fortune reach above $100bn in 1996, the first in the world - when the value of Microsoft surged on Wall Street. The Microsoft founder is now worth a mere $89 billion, according to Forbes and Bloomberg. That stake alone is worth more than $93.5 billion as of Friday's closing price of $1,186 a share. That said, Gates has given a significant amount of his fortune away to charity and in acts of philanthropy.

But Mr Bezos has to date has not given away any of his wealth, but in June he tweeted that he wanted the help people with his fortune and was looking for ideas for how to share it. That doesn't account for all his holdings, although the two other highest-profile companies he owns - The Washington Post and space tourism company Blue Origin - don't move the needle much by comparison.

In a stark reminder of wealth inequality in the USA, it emerged this month that the combined fortunes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos (roughly $248.5 billion) exceeds the net worth of 160 million Americans, or 53 million U.S. households.

  • Anthony Vega