Trump mocks political rival calling her Pocahontas

"Before we held the ceremony, we consulted with a number of other white experts, and we all agreed that Andrew Jackson was great", she said. "Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago".

Warren referred to the jab as a "racial slur" and the "very worst of gutter politics".

She told the Associated Press in 2012 that her parents told her (and her siblings) that they had Native American heritage.

After Trump made his Pocahontas reference, he tried to pivot back to the topic at hand: "But you know what", he added, placing his hand on the shoulder of one of the code talkers, "I like you".

A former White House ethics chief has warned Donald Trump "accountability is coming" after the US President used a racial slur during an event to honour Native Americans.

"Pocahontas is a real person, not something that's just made up", Begaye continued.

US President Donald Trump has again landed himself in hot water after referring to a member of Congress as Pocahontas during a White House event for Navajo war veterans.

In closing, the Caucasian said that accusing Trump of intentionally offending the Navajos was absurd.

HUCKABEE SANDERS: What most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.

"I've seen men and women of all ages break down in tears in honor and in awe of meeting them in person and they subsequently share their personal or family stories about how the Code Talkers affected their lives".

And as if all this weren't insult enough, Oglala Lakota journalist and Native Sun News Today publisher Tim Giago cited Trump's tone of voice.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye explained to CNN that the way the term was used would be characterized as an ethnic slur, and he said it "doesn't belong in the room when our war heroes are being honored". He should talk to his embarrassment of an ambassador to New Zealand, Scott Brown, about how continually throwing out a racist nickname for Warren worked out for him when he ran against her for the Senate.

  • Jon Douglas