The Skirball Fire in LA Is Burning Down Rupert Murdoch's House

Los Angeles firefighters are ready to protect homes Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, in the Bel-Air area where the Skirball fire erupted early in the morning. That interconnectivity is what has prompted officials to warn residents of Mandeville Canyon and other areas in Brentwood to prepare for evacuation.

Stewart said officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were arriving in the neighborhood to handle any potential evacuation orders.

A smoke plume from the Skirball fire burning near the 405 Freeway in the Sepulveda Pass is seen Wednesday morning.

According to LAPD: Residents by Casiano Rd, Moraga, & Linda Flora in West Los Angeles being evacuated/are evacuated for the 405 brush fire. Some 50 acres had burned within a matter of just two hours as Los Angeles firefighters contend with wind gusts of up to 30 mph.

Citywide, about 600 officers were assigned to coordinate security and various "firefighting events, " Beck said.

The Skirball fire situation is rapidly evolving. It remained unclear whether any structures had been damaged or destroyed in the fire.

On Tuesday, two risky fires swept through southern California, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate.

The strong, desiccating Santa Ana winds have created ideal conditions for wildfires, by compressing hot air in the L.A. basin, and prompting the spread of embers well ahead of any fires that crop up. Helicopters on sight. Evacuation centers set up at rec centers.

The Times also states that authorities have closed all northbound lanes of the 405 Freeway and all on-ramps onto the 405 north of the 10 Freeway. While the freeway closures were in the name of safety, one negative result was a massive gridlock in one of Los Angeles' most congested and busy areas.

  • Jacqueline Ellis