Did Trump's Teeth Almost Fall Out During His Historic Israel Speech?

Dry throat caused President Donald Trump to slur his words during Wednesday's speech announcing he will move the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted at Thursday's press briefing.

"His throat was dry. There's nothing to it", said White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Trump released a clean bill of health from his longtime personal physician a year ago that was widely panned as laughable for lacking details and offering an over-the-top portrait of Trump's health.

"I say forget the Mueller investigation, bring on the molar investigation".

The Internet was set abuzz by the slurred speech at the end of Trump's speech on Wednesday, particularly the way he said "God bless the United States".

They added: "He's been working in meetings all day and in fact is still here working now".

A clip from the president's speech on Jerusalem appeared to show him struggling to enunciate certain words and sucking in his teeth-in a move that did not go unnoticed by the Twittersphere. "He sounds like he just had a drink with Bill Cosby, what's going on there, man?" he added.

While insisting there is no shame in wearing dentures, Noah said there is shame in Trump having dentures, because "he's vain as hell". "His dentures started falling out and he wouldn't be able to finish a sentence".

Stephen Colbert also joked about the president's speech. "I really enjoy doing it", Trump said. "We're live when Trump addresses a joint session of Congress for the "Shtshh" of the Union".

James Corden gave his take as well, saying it seemed like something was "wrong" with Trump's mouth. Because we all know that Democrats don't wear dentures, right?

  • Jon Douglas