What did Rich Swann do to Su Yung: WWE?

According to cops, Swann was driving his newlywed wife, Vannarah Riggs, back home after a match of hers in Florida when they got into an argument in the auto, which got heated.

Per the report, Swann was driving and critiquing Yung's performance when he became angry. He allegedly screamed and chased after Yung, trying to get her back into the vehicle, but she told him she had no desire to, two witnesses corroborated in their statements to police. In Swann's statement to police, he claims Riggs came back to the vehicle of her own volition.

WWE is yet to comment on the arrest, although given the situation and the nature of the arrest the chances are Swann will be suspended under the company's domestic violence policy.

The former one-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion was arrested in Florida and is due to appear in court Monday.

There was more the one witness to the event, which continued as Swann also exited the vehicle and let it continue to roll (resulting in the auto hitting a telephone pole, according to one witness).

At some point, according to the arrest report, she got out of the auto saying she was getting scared because Swann was becoming more angry at her. He placed her in a headlock and dragged her back to their vehicle.

Swann claimed that he only wanted to return home and that they were using the Global Positioning System that was on Yung's phone and he "needed her to come with it".

Swann told police "he was just trying to get home and she had the phone with the Global Positioning System on it so he needed her to come with him", the complaint states. Swann also told authorities that the couple had been together five years and have been married nine months. WWE enacted their zero tolerance policy for domestic violence back in October of 2014. The kidnapping charge against Swann is a felony, and carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in state prison.

UPDATE 12/10/2017 10:52AM: The WWE has suspended Rich Swann indefinitely following word on his battery and false imprisonment arrest, releasing the following statement. WWE did the right thing by suspending Swann right away.

  • Jacqueline Ellis