Scotland's weather: Flights cancelled as snow impacts United Kingdom airports

London Heathrow airport is warning travellers to be wary of delays and cancellations, with British Airways telling travelers via its Twitter feed they can claim a refund or rebook their journey, rather than flying on December 11 or 12.

Freezing rain followed by snow was blamed for yesterday's serious disruption at many United Kingdom airports, which also saw some arriving flights diverted to regional United Kingdom airports and some based on the continent.

Significant build-ups have been also reported in Leicestershire, Worcestershire and Bedfordshire, while snow has been falling heavily in Birmingham city centre.

British Airways planes have been hit by problems at Heathrow caused by adverse weather.

It has reportedly cancelled 24 long-haul flights as well as dozens of shorter flights.

Heathrow flights and those to and from Luton Airport faced delays due to poor weather conditions.

Wintry conditions impacted many parts of England yesterday, with airports continuing to have a knock on effect today.

Six morning flights from Glasgow and Edinburgh have been cancelled to Heathrow while a number of others flights were also delayed.

Three New York services were cancelled as well as two each to Dubai and Toronto, with many Asian flights also cancelled. "Like other airlines, we are experiencing some delays and cancellations". "Airlines are responsible for ensuring their flights are fully de-iced before they are operated and this is resulting in some delays and cancellations".

A Heathrow spokesperson said: "Heathrow airport remains open however we regret that weather across the United Kingdom is resulting in some passengers experiencing disruption to their travel arrangements".

The advice for passengers is to check with the airline before travelling to the airport.

"We're asking customers to check for information about their flights on before they set off for the airport, and not to come to the airport unless their flight is operating. We apologise to those affected by today's weather".

  • Jacqueline Ellis