This might be the creepiest viewership statistic Netflix has ever shared

Claudia went on to say that she took no offense to this tweet, and if Netflix were to look at her data, it would realize that she has watched "at least one episode of Friends every day ... for the past three years".

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Aiming to seize on its success and highlight Netflix's data-gathering ability, the service tweeted on Sunday that 53 people had watched A Christmas Prince every day for 18 days, adding the kicker, "Who hurt you?"

Meanwhile, Netflix has defended their tweet, saying it doesn't identify individual users, as per a report by the BBC.

Netflix has kept up the snark in its replies, though the person running the account has also reassured some users that their viewing habits aren't worth shaming them over.

But even though it's silly, "A Christmas Prince" has become something of a cult hit for Netflix, and has already created some superfans.

Don't worry, they're not spying on you. The tweet's a joke, but not a very amusing one if you consider what could easily lie ahead for consumers online: less privacy and more powerful corporations. One user even compared the tweet to "bullying". That works out to almost one viewing a day, and while Bee Movie is a confirmed classic, I seriously would also like to know if this person is okay??

On Monday, Netflix responded to TheWrap's request for comment on the tweet (and the drama that it ignited).

"People really need to become more cognizant of what data companies are collecting", Shear said.

The collection and processing of data on users is usually a part of the terms and conditions of signing up for services such as Netflix, but comes with legal responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.

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