Facebook announces Snapchat-like World Effects AR feature for Messenger

And here is Facebook making it's progress clearly and giving Snapchat a tough time by inheriting it features one by one.

For regular users, that means they'll soon be able to overlay 3D objects on top of images and videos in their interactions with friends. Snapchat launched a version of this product back in April, calling it world lenses.

The Facebook has introduced an Augmented Reality based new feature to their instant chat app, Messenger. When you move your camera around, the World Effect will stay in the same location.

To that end, Facebook says it's opening its AR platform, called AR Studio, to third-party developers in open beta, so they can start building out a competitive app store of sorts to compete with Apple and Google. To add a World Effect, open the Messenger Camera (from your inbox or from inside an existing conversation by tapping the camera icon), and then scroll to choose from the camera effects. And here's a hot tip: there's no easier way to let a long-distance friend or family member know you're thinking about them than by sending them a video message (complete with 3D objects and all!) this holiday season - and if you're already messing around with Messenger, why not take the opportunity to have a little fun with it? "Facebook says that now, they support only a heart, arrow, and robot, while there are bubbles and words that read "love", 'bae", "heart", and "miss you".

The basic idea is that you can drop 3D objects into your photos to make them appear as though they're there in real life, such as a heart over someone's head.

The feature has been brought into light to all the developers, eight months after launching their Augmented Reality Camera Effects platform and AR Studio tool at F8. Pick any effect of your choice and then tap to add it to your image, then send to your loved ones.

  • Essie Rivera