PUBG Xbox One Control Scheme Tuned by Gears of War 4 Developer

The game is available for around thirty dollars on the Xbox One Store, and just in time for the holidays. I've always had some sympathy for this opinion, but equally there have been many games over the years which have discovered that with the right allowances a controller can come damn close to closing the gap. For example, pressing the X button while on Basic mode, which is the primary control scheme, will allow the player to interact with objects, while holding it down will reload the player's weapon. When I learned that it would be coming to the Xbox, I was extremely excited as it means that my favorite game would be on my favorite console...a flawless pair.

The official PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release date for the Xbox One is on December 12, but Microsoft has released the specific date and time for when players can expect the game to go online. Hey, just like PUBG on PC until recently.

A first-person mode would have served as a better introduction to the gameplay, since you won't have to worry about the awful setup for dual-aiming that much. However, the game's arrival to the Xbox One is a big deal because it might be what the console needs to better challenge industry leader PlayStation 4 and the now dominant Nintendo Switch. While I don't have an Xbox One X, I do have an S and it's almost unplayable. You can see the difference between the normal servers and the test server, above.

Without the ability to snap your view around quickly using the mouse, you're much less aware of what was going on around you. It's important to note that the Game Preview Program is quite similar to Steam's Early Access, meaning that the game is a work in progress and is not finished. The benefits of a 4K resolution (more common on TVs than computer monitors) in this large scale shooter are obvious in long-range firefights, and with the recent UI upgrades the game feels more like a big-budget console release than ever before.

The Xbox One X version of the game is also locked to a 30 FPS maximum, but does a better job at staying stable during the lobby and plane jump. In some cases, they have been there since the launch of the game on PC.

  • Latoya Cobb