NewsX-CNX Exit Poll Report: BJP Races Ahead In The Gujarat Elections

All the exit polls showed the BJP far ahead of the Congress and above the majority mark in both assemblies. █ █ 68.70% polling in 2nd phase The second and final phase of the Gujarat Assembly elections on Thursday saw 68.70 per cent balloting across 14 districts of the northern and central regions of the state, to pick 93 lawmakers.

BJP is likely to win 32-38 seats in North Gujarat with while Congress will secure 16-22 seats with 49 and 42 percent of vote share.

The Congress will also have reason for some cheer as it is expected to improve on its performance since the 2012 polls, but not one of the polls predicted that it would even come close to winning the election.

However, about 27 seats remain extremely critical and a swing of 1-2 per cent vote share can completely change the picture for the Congress party.

The exit poll results for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections 2017 are out after the model code of conduct. The News X poll predicts BJP will get 110-120 and Congress 65-75, while 2-4 seats will go to others.

Congress will gain 78-100 seats according to the betting market.

The survey by India Today-Axis MyIndia Poll also gave BJP a clear edge predicting 99 to 113 seats while giving 68 to 82 seats to the Congress which put up a determined fight.

In 2012, the BJP won 33 seats from Saurashtra region. The BJP leaders were right in claiming that the traders may have been unhappy with the party over the issue opf demonetisation, but they would not ditch the Prime Minister.

The total number of registered voters in Ahmedabad district is 52.75 lakh, of whom about approximately 34.81 lakh exercised their right to vote, while nearly 18 lakh voters kept away from polling. The first phase of the elections to 89 seats in Gujarat was held on December 9, with a 68% voter turnout. In the 35 seats of south Gujarat, the BJP leads on 25 seats while the Congress leads on only 10. The second phase was to pick 93 seats, out of the total 182 constituency seats.

Saurashtra-Kutch region sends the largest number of MLAs, 54, to the Gujarat Assembly.

  • Jon Douglas