'SNL' has Christmas message from Baldwin's Trump

"The war on Christmas is over", Alec Baldwin's Trump said opening Saturday night's show.

"Thank you Kellyanne", Baldwin said. "It will soon be replaced by the war with North Korea".

"It might even make me a real billionaire".

The two then turned to trimming the tree, with Baldwin's Mr Trump saying: "In the Christmas spirit I wanted to thank all the awesome people who work for me, but because I can't help myself I also want to remember all the haters and losers I destroyed this year".

Kate McKinnon, as Kellyanne Conway, hangs an ornament with the face of former FBI director James Comey (abruptly fired by Trump in May following an investigation of his campaign team and its ties to Russian Federation during last year's election).

The cold open begins with Melania wishing viewers a Merry Christmas, with Baldwin's Trump pointing out that "you can finally say that because the war on Christmas is over".

Next up is White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), who offers not one but two ornaments.

Beck Bennett steps forward next as Vice President Mike Pence (albeit with a hint of an accent from Bennett's Vladimir Putin character), who offhandedly admits he doesn't like the Christmas song "Deck the Halls" because it includes "gay apparel" in its lyrics. "Because he lied to us, Mr. President, and he acted alone, without our knowledge".

In this vaguely "Barbarella"-inspired work, the aging villain drugs Omarosa by feeding her spiked cake, whereupon the red PVC-clad former director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison goes off on a motorcycle to steal the future president's hair in a showdown on top of a CGI-created Trump Tower". Scarlett Johansson made a return appearance as Ivanka - minus Jared, who was "packing a go-bag before the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrives".

Making a surprise cameo, Scarlett Johansson appeared to reprise her Ivanka Trump impersonation to present Baldwin with a Roy Moore ornament for the tree. McKinnon asked. The angel had special counsel Robert Mueller's face on it.

Then Omarosa, portrayed by Leslie Jones, started banging on the window, demanding to be let in before she was hauled away by Secret Service.

"You've got to cut the head off the snake", he added.

  • Jon Douglas