Nintendo Switch won't see 64GB game cards till 2019, report says

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Nintendo pushed back the rollout of 64GB game cards until 2019, citing "technical issues" as the problem. Being able to have larger cartridges helps you alleviate the need for extra microSD cards and the internet downloads required by more demanding games.

Unfortunately, this means that we are unlikely to see Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3 or any other big, third-party open world game on the Nintendo Switch any time soon.

Nintendo Switch would have sold 3,178,100 units in Asia since its launch last March.

By comparison, Blu-ray discs for the PS4 and Xbox One can hold 50 GB of data.

Some publishers, as a result, may be delaying their games until Nintendo gets with the program. Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and ARMS are all games that take 2 to 8GB of internal memory in the Nintendo Switch.

The report claims that Nintendo wanted to launch these higher-capacity cards in the second half of 2018 but has now informed developers that they won't be available until 2019.

While there is no doubt that downloading games is becoming more and more popular, some still prefer physical media when buying their games. The physical cards used for games on the Nintendo Switch have been maxed at a 32-gig size, but the use of 64-gigabyte cards was planned further down the line. Currently, several US -published games, such as DOOM, have circumvented data limits by requiring additional digital downloads for extra features.

The Wall Street Journal's source told them that some software makers, particularly USA -based publishers making data-heavy games, were disappointed.

  • Essie Rivera