Blumenthal speaks ahead of Puerto Rico visit

"The disaster that hit Puerto Rico was devastating", the senator said.

In response, Florida's Department of Education announced that such students can earn a Puerto Rico high school diploma if they complete 18 credit hours, 20 more hours of internship or work experience and 40 hours of community service. That number was dropping month by month before the storm, as many residents were relocating to the US mainland because of an economic crisis caused by the Puerto Rican government's inability to repay billions of dollars in bonds. "We've opened up two relief centers at the Miami airport, and at the Orlando airport", he said.

Greene told 22News prices at hotels and restaurants in Puerto Rico are lower to help bring in more tourists. "For the individuals who are coming here, we are doing everything we can to get them a job, get their kids into a good school, be safe, get into housing", he said. "I know Eric Silagy, their CEO, has been over there quite a bit trying to help them get their power back on because you can't get your economy going without power".

The governor visited Puerto Rico twice and met with local offices about what can be done to help those who are still in need. "The president said he is absolutely committed to getting things done".

The completion allows the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) to re-energize lines in Rio Piedras, Caguas and Minillas, as well as lines that run from Canóvanas to Palmer. Puerto Rico's electrical utility says it is operating at 69% of normal capacity-but that figure doesn't indicate how numerous island's residents are actually receiving power.

  • Jon Douglas