Trump's tone on immigration deal pleases Schumer

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Republicans and Democrats agree that increased border security - and something the president can say fills his wall requirement - is likely to be a part of any agreement to stop the deportation of more than 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program.

The president, congressional Republicans and Democrats expressed optimism for a deal just 10 days before a government shutdown deadline.

Trump said he would "take the heat" politically if lawmakers were to look at broader action that would provide a pathway to citizenship for about 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

But over the course of the meeting, Trump changed his mind.

Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that bipartisan talks are ongoing to address how to craft a legislative solution for so-called "Dreamers" that's tied with some sort of border enforcement provisions, such as funding for a border wall. "I think he thinks they're interchangeable". House Majority Leaders Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., then added quickly that Republicans want security included. "Their voice has consistently been the power by the Freedom Caucus' ability to influence public policy".

While the government-contracted wall prototypes have risen near the border in San Diego, the Trump administration has so far not made significant progress on the much larger - and costlier - undertaking of funding and constructing a border wall.

"We don't oppose building a wall, but that's certainly not our first priority", said Eric Ruark, director of research at NumbersUSA.

The proposal would also address border control technologies to be implemented by 2020 that may include physical or technological barriers, add judges to immigration court and effect worldwide measures that contribute to migration from Central America.

Republicans were adamant that Trump's call "means the wall", but that Trump acknowledges that it does not need to cover the entire length of the border, because of geographic barriers.

"So, that's I think the picture that we need to be looking through, the lens we need to be looking through, not only what can we agree to among ourselves on a bipartisan basis, but what will you sign into law", Cornyn said.

Democrats and Republicans are set to resume negotiations on Wednesday.

Trump said his version of a "clean" deal would include DACA, border security, ending "chain migration" or family-based migration, and ending the diversity visa lottery.

But since it's the day after the Trump administration rescinded temporary protected immigration status for Salvadoran refugees who fled damage from earthquakes in 2001, those negotiations are getting caught up in politics and the budget process.

Congressional leaders met with Trump at the White House last Thursday, but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the president's call for a wall to be part of the deal may have poisoned the well.

Trump repeatedly supported the idea of the wall, but he began the meeting saying that he would back whatever bill Congress sends him. But in the meeting he indicated a willingness to compromise with Democrats, whose votes are needed in the narrowly divided Senate.

"I'm still confident we can get a DACA fix".

  • Jon Douglas