Local 21-year-old dies of flu complications

Medics have concluded he died after his organ failed because of septic shock caused by influenza.

"He kinda just laid down and went about his day and that was the day he was coughing and said his chest hurt, he had a mild cough", she explained. However, Kyler was coughing worse and running a high fever after Christmas.

For children under 16, there have been a total of 195 pediatric hospitalizations for the flu and fewer than five reported deaths.

As separately confirmed by both their family members in different media interviews, Baughman and Murrieta did not get flu shots.

He was surged Wednesday to a Westmoreland County crisis room and transported to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he passed on hours after the fact.

On December 23, the 21-year-old bodybuilder came down with typical flu symptoms - a cough and congestion - but figured he was just going through a routine sickness. The flu-related death is getting outsize attention in part because of Baughman's chosen career-he was studying to be a personal trainer, is described by his mother as "into physical fitness", and frequently posted photos of himself lifting weights to Facebook, reports the Washington Post. Between 12,000 and 56,000 people died from complications from the flu.

When sepsis happens, this system goes into overdrive.The inflammation that is typically seen just around the minor cut, spread through the body, affecting healthy tissue and organs. When detected early, sepsis can sometimes be treated with the aggressive use of antibiotics and medicine to stabilize the body's functions. She says the most vulnerable people are the very old and the very young.

According to the CDC, tens of thousands of people in the United States die from the flu each year (the number fluctuates based on the severity of the strain).

Within 48 hours, his overall health began rapidly declining, in accordance with his loved ones.

"It just doesn't seem real", his mother told WPXI.

Baughman's parents are hoping that their son's story will inspire others to be aware of how risky the flu can be. "Don't let things go", Kyler's father, Todd Baughman, told the news station. "Whenever you have a fever for multiple days, don't let it go, get it taken care of".

  • Delores Daniels