MLB Sports Agent Accused Of Filming His Clients In The Shower

So what was Wood's alleged failing?

Recently, a player who chose not be identified, was using a shower at Wood's home and found a camera, sources say. After that alarming discovery he confronted the agent and fired him on the spot.

Major League Baseball agent and Granite City High School alum Jason Wood was sacked Wednesday by CSE Talent, an Atlanta-based sports agency, after a player reportedly discovered a hidden camera in a shower at Wood's home.

Wood had represented Red Sox star Andrew Benintendi and former New York Yankees ace David Phelps amongst others, reports said.

Before he was sacked, he represented the Boston Red Sox's Andrew Benintendi, Colorado Rockies' Riley Pint, and Atlanta Braves' Joey Wentz, to name a few.

Wood has denied the allegations, calling them "absurd and untrue".

CSE said in a statement that Wood failed to uphold the agency's "moral and ethical standards".

It continued by saying that over the last 13 years he has worked to build his agency into a success through hard work and integrity.

Jason Wood, according to Yahoo Sports, was sacked by Career Sports Entertainment and suspended by the Major League Players' Association after allegations emerged that Wood used a hidden camera.

Apparently those standards include not secretly filming clients while they shower, because that's what Wood's been accused of.

It remains unknown which players may have been involved, though Wood represented many first-round picks in recent years. "I am disappointed that there are those who have chosen to spread such irresponsible and harmful rumors".

Jason Wood, the agent fired by CSE for allegedly filming clients in the shower, represents Mets' utility man Matt Reynolds.

  • Angelo Rivera